Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ibanez Accesories

Ibanez has many accessories such as adapter and splitter cord, tuner, cable, case, bag, strap, pick, pick holder, nut fred file set, and microphone stand to make your music life more convenience!

The accessories produced by Ibanez can last for a long time! Therefore you no need to waste your money to keep on changing the things.

Ibanez Effects

The above pictures are all Ibanez effects. A good effect can make the sound of guitar or bass better!

Ibanez effects are produced at high quality. Besides, I feel it is very comfortable when step on it.

Ibanez Amplifiers

An amplifier is a device used to boost the strength of an electronic signal. There are two types of amplifiers which are guitar amplifier and bass amplifier.

Compared with its electronic guitar, Ibanez is not famous with its amplifiers. Fender and Marshall's amplifiers are much more famous than Ibanez's. But you know, even Ibanez amplifiers are not so famous, there are still many supporters who love Ibanez will buy it. At the same time, there are people who do not care for the degree of famous and just choose what his/her likes.

For me, Ibanez amplifiers are above the "OK" level. Not the very best but at the satisfaction level for its quality. But I am also more look at the degree of the famous since I believe a well-known brand must have a better product compare with others. So Ibanez amplifiers will not be my first choice if I want to buy an amplifier.

Electric Bass -- PIB1

Well, beside electric guitar and acoustic guitar I have introduced before, Ibanez do produce electric bass.

There are a variety models of basses produced by Ibanez. I am not really cleared about the Ibanez bass but I would like to introduce the Star Series -- PIB1.

PIB stands for Peter Iwers signature Bass. This is the new Ibanez product on 2009.

For me, when I choose an instrument I am not familiar with, I will first look at the design of it. Hehe. Therefore the reason I choose to introduce this bass is because of its design.

Do you recognize that there is a flame logo on the body of the bass. Isn't it cool?

If you have tried this electric bass before, do leave a message of your feelings!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Price of Ibanez Products

Last post, I mentioned that I am a new learner of acoustic guitar but in fact, I am more interested in electronic guitar. Therefore, I will not only comparing the price of acoustic guitar but also electronic guitar.

Well, I realized that the prices of Ibanez products are more expensive compare with other brands' products which at the same level. I wonder if it is because Ibanez is branded therefore it's price also "branded"!

OK, we also cannot omit that the Ibanez products are all quality control, I think this is another reasons why the prices of Ibanez products are higher that others.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Acoustic Guitar

well, this time i would like to express my view on Ibanez acoustic guitar

I just to be a new learner of acoustic guitar, therefore I could not exactly differentiate what kind of guitar is belongs to "good guitar" and what kind is not.

As what I know, Ibanez acoustic guitar is not as famous as it's electronic guitar. But one thing I can sure that the Ibanez products are always in the line of quality.

According to Mr. Steven, the owner of Xuan Music Station, Ibanez acoustic guitar is not as well as the acoustic guitar of Fender and Taylor. But, Ibanez acoustic guitar is still a good choice for guitar player.